6AG1210-1PE18-2UL1 – SIPLUS G120 Power Module PM 240-2 FSA-3kW unfiltered

SIPLUS G120 PM 240-2 FSA-3kW -20…+50_?C with conformal coating based on 6SL3210-1PE18-0UL1 . unfiltered with integrated braking chopper 380-480 V 3 AC +10/-10% 47-63 Hz Power high overload: 2.2kW at 200% 3s, 150% 57s, 100% 240S Power low overload: 3kW at 150% 3s, 110% 57s, 100% 240S 196x 73x 165 (HxWxD), FSA Degree of protection IP20 without Control Unit and operator panel Released as of firmware version V4.6

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