6AG2155-5AA00-1AC0 – SIPLUS ET 200MP, Interface module IM 155-5 PN HF T1 RAIL

SIPLUS ET 200MP IM 155-5 PN HF T1 RAIL -25_?C … +55_?C T1 with 70_?C for 10 min with conformal coating based on 6ES7155-5AA00-0AC0 . PROFINET IO-DEVICE interface module IM 155-5 PN HF, for ET 200MP Elektronicmodules, up to 12 IO-MODULES without additional PS, up to 30 IO- MODULES with additional PS SHARED DEVICE, 2 PORT-SWITCH, RJ45, SHARED DEVICE, MRP, IRT >=0,25MS, Isochronicity FW-update, I&M0…3, fast start up S2-Redundancy, SHARED DEVICE with 4 Controller.