6AG1314-6EH04-7AB0 – SIPLUS S7-300 CPU 314C-2PN/DP, Compact CPU with MPI

SIPLUS S7-300 CPU 314C-2PN/DP with conformal coating -25…+70_?C based on 6ES7314-6EH04-0AB0 . Compact CPU with 192 KB work memory, 24 DI/16 DO, 4 AI, 2 AO, 1 Pt100, 4 high-speed counters (60 kHz), 1st interface MPI/DP 12Mbit/ s, 2nd interface Ethernet PROFINET, with 2-port switch, Integr. power supply 24 V DC, Front connector (2x 40-pole) and Micro Memory Card required

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